Weekly drop-in theme classes

We’re offering weekly drop-in theme classes every wednesday night at 21.30. The themes will be announced at least a week in advance, both on the website and on Facebook. The classes will generally be for the current level C and above (unless they are absolute beginner tasters) and they are 7,50 per class (you can pay cash on the spot). This weeks theme is:

Swing out variations!

Swing outs are cool, even if you do a lot of them in a row. But you could make them even more exciting and playful by adding some rhythm variations without disturbing your partner’s movement. We will do variations for both leaders and followers that you could try on the social dance floor and are also reusable in other moves. The class will definitely include some of the classic stylings, as well as our current personal favourites.

Whether you only know the standard swing out footwork or can’t remember the last time you did not do a variation, we’d love for you to join us. Personal variations work perfectly with a group of different levels. And we would be jumping with joy if you have an old time favourite that you want to show and want to see us stumble on. We can’t get enough of it.

So come challenge your feet and crack your brain and join in our excitement.

Level: C and higher.
Cost: 7.50 at the door (cash only)
Time: 21:30
Teachers: Valery & Sander