Drop-in theme classes!

As we had an empty slot in our schedule, there will be drop-in theme classes every wednesday night at 21:30!
The themes will be announced at least a week in advance, both on the website and on Facebook.
The classes will generally be for the current level C and above (unless they are absolute beginner tasters) and they are 7,50 per class (you can pay cash on the spot). This weeks theme is:

‘Playing with energy levels’

We usually strive to match each other’s energy in our Lindyhop dancing and sometimes even let both follower and leader move the same amount. Yet many of us probably also have had dances where it didn’t match. We can all get tired, just don’t feel the same energy in the song or not have enough room to move out.

Come join our drop-in taster and explore dancing where either the leader or the follower can take a bigger portion of the energy. You’ll realize how nice matched dances were, but also how you can occasionally deliberately use the mismatch for creativity and floorcraft.

The class is for level C and above, and will be taught by lovely Valery & Sander

See you there!