Swingstreet Summer Class: Power moves

When: Wednesday 29th of August, 20:00 – 22:00
Where: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam
Teachers: Yara and Andrew
Level: Intermediate and up. This will be a very challenging class.
Class fee: €15 (in cash)

Through the years we’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from the big shots in Lindy Hop. We’ve taken a lot of classes from international teachers and have seen an endless number of videos.

When you look at a video from a competition or show there are always a lot of moves that you forget. However, sometimes there’s a move that you are impressed with and will keep coming back to by playing it in slow motion over and over (great feature YouTube!). Usually it’s something very dynamic, sometimes a trademark or something where you didn’t understand completely what happened yet it looked awesome.

In this class we will focus on some power moves that we love to do, and are impressed with. We have studied and attempted them and are sort of ready to teach them to you 😉

It would be great if you can bring a partner so we have a nice balance in leaders and followers.