Summerclasses: here is the schedule!

Let’s keep swinging this Summer!

We love dancing and teaching so much, we just couldn’t bear the thought of not continuing over the Summer! Therefore, we came up with a great Summer schedule for you – and all your friends.

July 10 Lindyhop for Absolute Beginners
July 17 Shag for Beginners
July 31 Lindyhop: Fix your Basics
August 7 Lindyhop for Absolute Beginners & Collegiate & St. Louis Shag crossover
August 14 Lindyhop: Introduction to Switching

– scroll down for class descriptions & levels –

Location: Studio Borgerstraat, Borgerstraat 112, 1053 PX Amsterdam
Time: 19.30 – 21.30, make sure to be at the venue 5 minutes early
Class fee: €15 per class, paid in cash before the class starts

Do I need to register?
We offer drop-in classes, so no need to register. All classes will require a partner (leader and a follower), so ask around and try to bring a friend! We rotate during class, so you will get to dance with everybody.
Can’t find a wing(wo)man? No worries, just drop in and we will still make it work!

What do I need to bring?
A water bottle – or a Pina Colada (that is always a good idea)

What should I wear?
Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Lindyhop and Shag are fun and energetic dances, so we will get you shaking and moving!

– Class descriptions & levels –

July 10 – Lindyhop for Absolute Beginners

Level: Absolute beginners

Always wanted to give Lindyhop a try? Or want to get your friends or family out on the dancefloor with you? Then join this 2-hour Lindyhop crash course to get a taste of swing… (and trust us, after you will want more!)

Teachers: Gary & Kelly

July 17 – Shag for Beginners

Level: Absolute beginners

Shag is growing in popularity fast! More and more you will see the happy faces of Shaggers’ on the dancefloor, dancing to fast songs. Collegiate Shag is a partner dance that originated in the 1930s. It is known for its hoppy basic step and its energetic footwork. 

Teachers: Dolinde & Andrew

July 31 – Lindyhop: Fix your Basics!

Level: C and up (you have been dancing for a minimum of 1 year)

Been dancing for a year or more and even though you’ve learned all the moves in the world, you still feel something is missing? Sometimes still figuring our where your weight is, losing your balance or ending on the ‘wrong’ foot?

It means it’s time to work on your basics! We will revisit all the important things in your dancing, such as your footwork, energy, posture or distance from you and your partner… and much more!

Teachers: Yara & Ben

August 7 – Lindyhop for Absolute Beginners

Level: Absolute beginners

Always wanted to try out Lindyhop? This is your chance! In this class you will learn the basics of Lindyhop. What’s this magic bounce all about? Why do we clap on 2 and 4? We will get you tripple stepping in no time!

It would be great if you can bring a partner so we have a nice balance in leaders and followers ratio in class.

Teachers: Catherine & Praveen

August 7 – Collegiate & St Louis Shag crossover

Level: Intermediate (you have been dancing Shag for at least 6 months)

You know one version of Shag, what if we mix it with another? St. Louis Shag is an 8-count variation of the dance, danced to similar music and it mixes perfectly with Collegiate Shag! In this class we will teach you how to switch from once dance to antoher and we will give you moves you can apply in both.

Teachers: Dolinde & Andrew

August 14 – Lindyhop: Introduction to Switching

Level: B and up (you have been dancing for at least 3 months and know the Lindyhop basics. This class is not for Absolute Beginners.)

Lindyhop is a lead-follow based dance. But no one said you cannot mix it up! What happens when you switch roles? How to initiate it and still keep the flow in your dancing? In this introduction to switching you will get to dance both roles and experience the fun and freedom this will unleash!

Teachers: Kelly & Lotte