Swingstreet Summer Class: Playing with the Shim Sham

When: August 15th, 20:00 – 22:00
Location: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam
Teacher: Sander
Level: Material for different levels will be offered.
Class fee: €15 (in cash)

Known throughout the world, the Shim Sham choreography is the number one solo dance for any lindy hopper to know. It’s the simplest of the big three classic choreographies and, maybe because of that, it is easy to change into your personal variation.

In this class we’ll first go through the standard Shim Sham, useful if you haven’t learned it yet, and explore the different stylings you can do instead of the default moves. In the second part you’ll learn the St Louis Shim Sham, which is a really fun choreography that uses some of the same building blocks but then applied to a different song.

Everybody with some dancing experience is welcome, even if you haven’t learned the shim sham yet. If do already know it but would like to spice it up then you are also more than welcome.

At the end you’ll hopefully have gained inspiration and source material to not only join the next Shim Sham but also make it your own. I absolutely loved it when I started doing it, so come join the class!