Swingstreet is back with our second block of the season! New 6-week block starting this November!

Due to ongoing COVID-19 regulations we have limited spaces for classes. A QR code will also be required. 

Registration opens Monday 25th October @ 18:00!

Next block: November 9 – December 14 2021

Dates: Nov 9 – 16 – 23 – 30 Dec 7 – 14
Location: Studio Borgerstraat, 112, 1053 PX Amsterdam




Lindyhop Level B – Studio 1a

Dolinde & Wouter


Lindyhop Absolute Beginners Level A – Studio 1b

Giulia & Micha


Solo Jazz – Studio 1a



Lindyhop Intermediate – Studio 1b

Dolinde & Wouter


All classes: €45 per 6-week block.

Lindyhop absolute beginners

You will begin your Lindy Hop journey at Swingstreet here. This level is meant for those who are absolutely new to Lindy Hop and are about to learn their first steps. 

Lindyhop intermediate

Partner dancing… yes, you used to do that on a regular basis but then pandemic got in the way of that. It’s time to get back into the flow!

You know quite some moves (don’t worry, we will also freshen up your memory). But sometimes it feels like your dance is a collection of moves with a clear beginning and ending or you’re stuck executing the same routine over and over again.

In this block we’ll work on flow in your dancing. How can a follower initiate new movement and how can a leader adapt to this? How can you make one move flow into the next? Sign up to find out!!

Solo Jazz

## Becoming Han Solo

Some people shy away from dancing vernacular jazz because they feel they don’t know enough moves. In this course you’ll realise that’s not about how many moves you know, but about in how many ways you can change the ones you do know.

Vernacular Jazz quite literally means that it has evolved on the dance floor without any formal instruction, so it is time to find your own style and add to the vernacular vocabulary.

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