Summer is here and that means more outdoor classes with Swingstreet! 

Our Summer Block will be four different themed classes from 16th June to 7th July. Due to COVID-19 regulations we still have limited spaces for those classes. More information below.

Next block: June – July 2021

Dates: June 16 23 30 July 7
Location: Outside (see below)





Wednesday 16th June

Black Bottom Routine – Open level



Wednesday 23rd June

Move your whole body – Open level



Wednesday 30th June

Stompers – Open level

Dolinde & Andrew


Wednesday 7th July

Introduction to Blues – Open level



p.s. The classes are solo shag by default, but if all 4 people joining the class would prefer partnered we can do that 🙂

Black Bottom Routine with Lotte (outside)

“Hop down front then doodle back
Mooch to your left then mooch to the right
Hands on your hips and do the mess around,
Break a leg until you’re near the ground
Now that’s the old black bottom dance”

Wanna know how this is done? In this class we’ll explore the Black Bottom dance and learn about its history at the same time. We’ll end the class with a fun choreography!

Location: Marineterrein.

Costs: 15 euros for the class.

Move your whole body with Julia (outside)

In jazz we often focus on the steps. In this class we will work on the use of the torso and hips. Using body movement in basic jazz steps and then casting them in a choreo.

Location: Marineterrein
Costs: 15 euros for the class.

Stompers with Dolinde & Andrew (Outside)

More to be revealed soon!

Location: Marineterrein
Costs: 15 euros for the class.

Introduction to blues with Lotte (outside)

New to blues or wanna brush up your basics? Then this is for you! Learn the heartbeat of the Blues, become familiar with different styles of blues music and learn some hip rolling and butt shaking moves that will give you a head start on the dance floor.

Location: Marineterrein
Costs: 15 euros for the class.

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