Swingstreet tea dance!

We are gonna kick off the new school year with a gezellig tea dance at SwingStreet! We have an amazing band in store for you. The “Swellington’s Splendid Six” are back to play at SwingStreet. There will also be an absolute beginner lindyhop taster workshop at the start of the party. So bring your friends

Learn the BIG APPLE !!

Here’s a great opportunity to learn the fun and high energy jazz routine called “The big apple”. The routine will be taught in the west by our very own Jessica Bouva. The big apple is a popular jazz choreography danced by lindyhoppers worldwide. To signup, click here. Check out the routine in the link below

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SOOP Cabaret special

On friday the 13th of March, there will a SOOP special with a Cabaret theme. Come dressed up and join in the fun ! The Secret swing society is all set to set your feet dancing. Also, there are quite a few shows/performances planned that night. So come along and party on ! Click here

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