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Partnered Charleston

Partnering up for Charleston happened around the 30s and 40s. The faster the song the better — parties really came alive with Charleston. The dance falls under Swing, but has somewhat of a different attitude and connection than Lindy Hop. But have no fear, Charleston is a great complement to Lindy and  this course is designed to help you build confidence, expand your dance repertoire, and of course, have fun along the way!   This block will be a demanding and effective way to practice and hone your Charleston skills which you want to take to the next level.     Main goals during this block are:

  • Creating confidence to dance Charleston comfortably, and feel excited to hit the dance floor when fast music comes on
  • Zooming in on the partner dynamic and connection
  • Upgrading your condition level in dancing to up-tempo songs
  • Pushing through the basics: owning the moves/routines.
  • Have tons of fun!


This elegant dance style in close embrace is perfect for faster music and crowded dancefloors. In these classes you will learn the basic footwork, connection and basic figures.

Beginners: This level is meant for those who are absolutely new to Balboa and are about to learn their first steps.

Continued: This level is for students who have completed one or two blocks of Balboa classes. You should have a good foundation of the basic footwork of balboa and basic figures such as come around, lollies & throwouts. We will build further on the basics and get more technical in strengthening your foundation while introducing you to newer shapes and figures of this elegant and stylish dance style.