At SwingStreet we find it important that our teachers are passionate about swing dancing. We believe that enthusiasm is the best motivator. That’s why our teachers are active dancers in the Amsterdam community. You will regularly meet them at socials, parties and workshops. (Ask them for a dance, they would love that!)

All of our teachers travel the world to attend international Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz/Charleston, Balboa and/or Shag festivals and can’t wait to share their passion with you.

Praveen RaghuramanLindyhop, Balboa, Solo Jazz
Dolinde van BeekLindyhop, Collegiate shag, Solo Jazz, Tap
Gary AndrewsLindyhop, Solo Jazz
Kelly DonovanLindyhop
Catherine SampsonLindyhop
Lotte DijkstraLindyhop, Blues, Balboa, Solo Jazz
Misha SheinmanLindyhop
Andrew SpitzLindyhop, Collegiate shag, Tap
Julia ConemansLindyhop, Solo Jazz, Collegiate Shag, Balboa
Jeroen WolfsLindyhop, Solo Jazz
Astrid PotsLindyhop
Theodoor KoelewijnLindyhop
Giulia InguaggiatoLindyhop

Private classes

Are you one of our existing students (have you followed a block of classes at Swingstreet) and could you use some extra help? Check with your teachers or send us an email!