Swingstreet and COVID-19?

Swingstreet is teaching online classes. We offer a block of 4 classes Solo Jazz and Solo Shag. Because the current situation is very insecure we can not say when we can get back to teaching face-to-face. Keep an eye on our website for sign up for our newsletter for the latest information.

When can I join the classes?

We have intake dates after every block (generally 12 weeks) during which you will be able to join the classes. For more information on dates, email us or if you want to keep up to date, sign up for our newsletter!

Do I need a partner to join the classes?

We encourage everyone to register with a partner so that we have a good balance of leads/follows in the classes. Having too many extra leads or follows disturbs the learning atmosphere and generally frustrates students as they will need to wait to get a partner. However, in some cases we do make exceptions depending on the size and composition of the group. You do not need any partners if you are following jazz/charleston courses.

Can I try a class for free to see if I like it?

Yes. The first class at the start of every block is a free taster class for anyone who wants to check out the dance. However, you will need to register in advance via the site to let us know that you will be coming.

How does payment work?

Payment is due before the 2nd lesson of the block. You will receive a payment e-mail with all relevant information.

You can pay cash or by bank transfer (preferred), mentioning your full name and payment reference. Bank details:

  • Account number (IBAN): NL26 ABNA 0453 6244 72
  • Account holder: Stichting Swingstreet

Do you give student discount or other discounts?

Yep! Here’s a list of our discounts.

  • Student discount: 5 EUR per course.
  • Any second 12 week course in the same block: 50% (not applicable for theme blocks).
  • We can also offer a Die-hard package (Bikkel bundel) if you want to follow numerous courses in the same period, just ask one of the teachers.

What’s your refund policy?

In case Swingstreet has to cancel classes you will receive a full refund of your payment for the cancelled lessons.

We generally don’t refund payments for classes you can’t attend due to reasons other than the one described above. But if you can’t attend a block because of medical reasons or other you will be offered credit so that you can take the remaining classes in a following block, depending on availability.

No refund or alternative offers are given if you missed classes without contacting us in advance to arrange a possible credit.

I missed a class. Can I make up for it from the other dance venue?

We are currently moving into a new curriculum. Once the new curriculum is in place, everyone should be able to make up for missed classes by visiting the other venue. Until then, please check with your teacher if this would be possible for your level.

I have two left feet. But I would really love to dance. What can I do?

If you have some challenges getting started, don’t fret. Many of us have been there and have crossed that bridge. We recommend that you take some extra focus lessons with your teacher to help you get up to speed and keep up with the rest of your class. Also, we strongly advise everyone to attend social dances whenever possible. Practice makes perfect !

I want to get really good at dancing. What do I do?

Social dancing, social dancing and yes….more social dancing.

I cannot attend a whole block of classes. Can I drop in for a class or two?

Yes. Drop-ins are possible. Drop in classes will cost 10 EUR per class. But please note that admission into the class will be determined by the lead/follow ratio in the respective classes.

I want to get some personal attention. Is this possible?

Yes. All the teachers will try to give some personal feedback during the classes. However, given the size of the group this may not be sufficient or long enough. We do offer focus lessons and private lessons for people who want extra attention. If you are interested, please drop an email to us or talk to your teacher directly.

What footwear/clothing do I wear for the classes?

Wear shoes that are comfortable and stick to your feet. We recommend flat shoes without heels as they are more suited for the fast and energetic movements in the dance. As for clothing wear breathable clothes that are light and allows air circulation. You will sweat during the classes. 🙂

Where can I go social dancing?

There are many opportunities to go social dancing in Amsterdam. Refer to the events link in the website for more details or click here.