Weekly drop-in theme classes – 14 march

Many of us at Swingstreet have been doing Charleston these weeks, but do you know it’s roots? Join us at our next drop-in taster where we explore the 20s Charleston moves and mix it in with our Lindy. So bring your feather outfits or top hats and join us for the underground dance of the roaring 20s.

Price: 7,50 at the door
Time: 21:30
Level: C and above

Weekly drop-in theme classes – 7 march

Back after a little holiday break! this weeks theme is sure to make your head spin 😉

What makes the world go round? Rotations! Yet leading and following rotations can still be tricky, especially at higher speeds, unusual places or in different rhythms. In the next drop-in theme class we will work on our rotation fundamentals and explore moves in which different rotation techniques are used. We’ll have things for both leads and follows and lots of fun to go around. Be there or be square! And squares don’t rotate.

Price: 7,50 at the door
Time: 21:30
Level: C and higher

Weekly drop-in theme classes – 21 february

We’re back with the regular level C and up theme classes! This week’s theme is:

Inside turn mania

We all know the inside turn in the change places, but we can do inside turns in many more situations. It makes your regular moves a bit more playful and also helps working on your connection fundamentals. In this drop-in class we’ll work on different inside turns that all require a slightly different technique.

Costs: 7,50 at the door
Time: 21:30
Level: C and above (> 6 months)

P.S. The week after there are no classes, but on Wednesday the 7th we’ll continue with a drop-in class on Rotations!

Weekly drop-in theme classes – 14th February: Absolute Beginners

Feeling lonely on valentine’s day, or no idea where to bring your date? Come and dance with us! In this 1 hour beginners taster you will learn the basics of Lindy Hop and you’ll be impressing your crushes/love interests in no time 😉 Or, if you don’t do valentine’s day, you can also just bring your friends 😉

Date: 14 February
Time: 9:30 – 10:30
Cost: 7,50
Place: Swingstreet West, Borgerstraat 112
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/144350432902732/

Weekly drop-in theme classes

We’re offering weekly drop-in theme classes every wednesday night at 21.30. The themes will be announced at least a week in advance, both on the website and on Facebook. The classes will generally be for the current level C and above (unless they are absolute beginner tasters) and they are 7,50 per class (you can pay cash on the spot). This weeks theme is:

Swing out variations!

Swing outs are cool, even if you do a lot of them in a row. But you could make them even more exciting and playful by adding some rhythm variations without disturbing your partner’s movement. We will do variations for both leaders and followers that you could try on the social dance floor and are also reusable in other moves. The class will definitely include some of the classic stylings, as well as our current personal favourites.

Whether you only know the standard swing out footwork or can’t remember the last time you did not do a variation, we’d love for you to join us. Personal variations work perfectly with a group of different levels. And we would be jumping with joy if you have an old time favourite that you want to show and want to see us stumble on. We can’t get enough of it.

So come challenge your feet and crack your brain and join in our excitement.

Level: C and higher.
Cost: 7.50 at the door (cash only)
Time: 21:30
Teachers: Valery & Sander