Class & Level Info

We offer classes in Lindy Hop, Solo Charleston/Jazz, Collegiate Shag and Balboa. Find the level descriptions below.

New to Lindy Hop?

The first class at the start of every block is a free taster class. This way you can find out if Lindy Hop is something for you 🙂 We have intake dates after every block (usually 12 weeks). To be able to join you need a confirmation on your registration. Register for Level A here.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

First year of Lindy Hop

In the first year of Lindy Hop classes you will go through levels A, B and C. Next to taking Lindy Hop classes we encourage all students to go out social dancing. You will learn faster when you make more Lindy hours 🙂

And then…

After your first year of taking Lindy Hop classes your teachers will advise you on your level. It could mean that your class consist of dancers with a homogeneous level and you will all continue to the next group. It could also be that some of you have a different learning style, need a bit more repetition or learn faster than the rest. In these cases we will advise students what level we feel fits best. We will always review the levels and aim for an optimal learning atmosphere for all students. Please find your teachers when you have questions about your level.

Theme Classes

We offer two ‘mini-blocks’ of 6 weeks every block focusing on different swing dance styles, routines or themes. Check our class schedule to find out what we offer this block.

If you have any questions about our levels, please feel free to mail us. We are happy to help you figure out the best group for you.



You will begin your Lindy Hop journey at swingstreet in this level. This level is meant for those who are absolutely new to Lindy Hop and are about to learn their first steps. This level is further classified into three categories:

6 count Lindy Hop
8 count Lindy Hop

You will spend 4 weeks learning each category and when you have completed all 3 categories, you will continue to the next level.


You have completed 12 weeks in Level A, got your first taste of Lindy Hop and you’re now thirsty for more. In this level we will build on your Lindy Hop foundation techniques and further expand your vocabulary of moves. This level will be focused towards making you a good social dancer, thus enabling you to dance with anyone at a party. This level is further classified into three categories

Expand your charleston
Mix your 6 & 8 count Lindy Hop

You will spend 4 weeks learning each category and when you have completed all 3 categories, you will continue to the next level.


You have completed levels A & B at Swingstreet and you have been dancing for nearly half a year. You are craving for more Lindy Hop. At this level, we will focus on the finer aspects of dancing such as musicality, refine and enrich your styling and focus and drill down on technique to further strengthen your fundamentals. This class will be conceptual and fresh material will be offered every block enabling students to repeat this level if they like to get more practice.


This level is meant for students who have been dancing at least a year and/or have completed level A, B and C. You know all the basics and started working on variations and musicality. You are eager to try everything you know on the social dance floor with every partner you can find. Every block the students will work along with the instructors in defining the material and concepts they want to work on. This means that the material will be different each block. Get ready to push yourself to the next level!


The classes in this level will be fast paced and will focus on expanding repertoire and exploring (new) techniques and concepts to further strengthen your fundamentals.

You should have completed at least 1,5 to 2 years of classes and must be dancing regularly at socials to join this level. This is an intensive class for dancers with similar motivation and goals. We will be geeking out on fundamental/hardcore techniques and you will be challenged 🙂 The classes will be heavily feedback based. You will not only receive individualised focus and feedback but we also expect the students in the group to give feedback to one another. The teachers expect an interactive group where you can exchange ideas and opinions.

This group will be a continuation for the groups that call themselves Globehoppers and Ninja’s. In an effort to keep the group at a homogeneous level and to create an optimal learning atmosphere for everyone, all registrations will be reviewed by the teachers.


Charleston is a free and expressive dance style from the roaring 1920s. It is one of the earliest jazz dance forms which inspired many other dance styles. In these classes you will dance without a partner to swing music. Working on dancing by yourself, specific solo jazz/Charleston moves, a routine or a certain theme which will make you a better dancer. Classes will focus on increasing your body awareness, improving quality of movement while appreciating musicality and rhythm. Working on your solo movements goes a great way towards improving your partnered dancing.

At beginner intermediate (beg-int) level, we expect the students to have attended a solo jazz/charleston workshop or learnt a jazz choreo before. This is not a course for absolute beginners, unless they are really up for a challenge ! 🙂


The Big Apple routine is one of the most famous solo routines. It was choreographed by Frankie Manning. In this theme course (6 weeks) you will learn the whole routine!


This elegant dance style in close embrace is perfect for faster music and crowded dancefloors. In these classes you will learn the basic footwork, connection and basic figures. This level is meant for those who are absolutely new to Balboa and are about to learn their first steps.


This level is for those students who have completed one or two blocks of Balboa classes. You should have a good foundation of the basic footwork of balboa and basic figures such as come around, lollies & throwouts. We will build further on the basics and get more technical in strengthening your foundation while introducing you to newer shapes and figures of this elegant and stylish dance style.


Collegiate shag is an energetic partner dance, belonging to the group of swing dances that originated in the 1930’s. It is known for its hoppy basic step and its quick and varied footwork. Back in the day, the dance was often done by college students, hence its name. As collegiate shag was originally a western dance, the basic position is more upright, however most moves in collegiate shag are closely related to other swing dance moves.

Collegiate shag level 2/beginner+ will continue on with the basics taught in the january-april block of 2018. We will repeat the moves learned, add some more footwork and moves but in particular focus a bit more on technique and leading/following


Curious about blues dancing, but no or little experience? This is your opportunity! Blues Dancing is an unique partner dance. Even though there are techniques involved, it’s a style known for self expression, also known as ‘the aesthetics of cool’. A strong connection to the music and the emotions it ventilates combined with subtle lead and follow skills are core elements. In this course for beginners you’ll be guided to find the right balance between those two elements. Topics will be basic moves, connection, musicality and history.


If you want to improve your dancing, individually work on certain techniques or figures, or just want to have a teacher’s full attention for a whole hour send an email to or talk to your teacher. Focus classes are given on request, depending on teachers’ availability and the topic you want to focus on.