Swingstreet offers classes in various styles of dancing such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jazz, and Balboa. Ocassionally we also offer courses in Blues and Collegiate Shag.

We teach in Amsterdam at two different locations. For more information, check out the schedule page.

Tasters and try-outs

The first class of every new block is a free taster class. If you are new to Lindy Hop / Charleston, you are welcome to join and try out the first lesson for free! Please make sure you are registered in advance.

Additionally, we organise taster workshops for beginners on a frequent basis at different locations and events in Amsterdam.

It is not possible join and try out classes after the first week of a course. However, if you want to have a look at our lessons, feel free to come and watch our classes! Please send an e-mail to swingout@swingstreet.nl!

More information about lessons: