There are many dance events that happen in Amsterdam and there is always an opportunity to get that dance fix. 🙂

Some of our favourite events are

Swing out of pocket (S.O.O.P)

This is weekly social dance that happens almost every Friday at the Kompaszaal (KNSM laan 311). Events are created and advertised via Facebook. Please check at the link below if the event is happening as the venue is occasionally rented out to private parties.

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Swing by

This is a weekly social dance held every Tuesday night at the Conscious hotel

For more information check the Amstelhop facebook page.


This is the biggest annual lindyhop workshop event held of the Netherlands held in Amsterdam. With particpants from 25+ countries and international bands, DJs and instructors, this is one of the best events in the country and also in Europe.

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Ceuvel Swing Camp

This is a yearly event held every summer in the north of Amsterdam. The event consists of workshops & parties not only for Lindyhop but also for Fusion, Blues, Yoga etc.

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Amsterdam Lindy Exchange

Amsterdam Lindy Exchange is an annual lindy hop swing dance event in the city center of Amsterdam with live bands in the weekend of the 28th to 30th of September 2018.

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Our favourite international events

For a global swing dance calendar, click here