FastFeet Weekend 2018 – 28 and 29 April


Welcome to SwingStreet Fast Feet weekend 2018. Following a great edition of Swing Heaven last year, we wanted to have another weekend of fun and energetic dancing at Swing Street.

This year we will focus on fast dancing with an emphasis on Balboa, Shag and Solo Jazz.

To know more about the weekend, read further!


You get tickets for a certain amount of classes. On the weekend, you can pick your amount of classes from our ‘menu card’. You can choose classes in all possible combinations & on all days.

Our lineup

International teachers:
Balboa: Olga (Russia) & Freddie (Sweden)
Shag: Katarzyna & Michal (Poland)

Local teachers:
Solo: Yara


Beginner intermediate

This level is meant for dancers who are familiar with the basics of the dance. You have followed classes/workshops on the dance style and comfortable executing the basics on faster music.

For Balboa
You are dancing Balboa between 6 months – 1 year. You understand up and down hold, lollies, paddles, out & ins, throwouts and come around.

For Shag
You have followed at least a couple of shag classes or one block of classes. You know the basic footwork and maybe even some variations on it! You are familiar with the basic positions: closed, open and side-by side and know how to lead or follow the basic moves (i.e. change places, tuck turn, underarm turn).

For Solo
Solo Charleston class about fast dancing. Next to focussing on fast dancing in general we will also do a small and fun routine in this class. All level dancers are welcome to join this class. The material will not be super hard but the speed will be the challenge 🙂

Intermediate advanced

This level is meant for dancers who have attended many classes/workshops either locally and/or internationally.

For Balboa
You are dancing Balboa from 1 to 3 years and have attended workshops locally and internationally. You dance Balboa socially and looking to further expand your repertoire and get more hours of Balboa into your body.

For Shag
You have attended a couple of workshops or more than 1 block of classes of shag. (Maybe even internationally)
You are not afraid to dance shag at socials. You’re rather comfortable with the footwork and know some variations. You lead and follow the basics with ease and know a couple of more advanced moves.

For Solo
A challenging Solo Charleston class about fast dancing for intermediate-advanced level. Next to focussing on fast dancing in general we will also do a challenging fast paced routine in this class. Get ready to sweat.


We offer upto a 4 course menu prepared especially for you:

One (2 hr) class: €25,-
Two (2 hr) classes: €40,-
Three (2 hr) classes: €50,-
Four (2 hr) classes: €55,-

The Saturday Party is included in the class passes.


The classes will take place in Kemna Studio’s (Swingstreet West).



Saturday main party!

Live music from Hommage @ de Oerknal (Ticket at door: €7,50)
20:00 – Absolute beginner taster Collegiate Shag (by Ron & Dolinde)
20:45 – Absolute beginner taster Balboa (by TBA)
21:30 – Party with Hommage and DJ
01:30 – Time to sweep the floors 🙂


Tea dance with DJ’s @ Kemna (no entrance fee)

The parties will be included in the class passes but you can also buy a ticket for just the Saturday party.


Please note: we may still edit the schedule a bit before the registration opens so please check back here before you register! 🙂