Swingstreet Summer Class: Tap in Lindy

When: August 22, 20:00 – 22:00
Where: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam
Teachers: Dolinde & Andrew
Level: Intermediate and up
Class fee: €15 (in cash)

Want to put some rhythm in your step(s)? come and join our tap in lindy class!

A lot of the lindy hop moves and routines we do nowadays actually came from tap dancing, a dance that originated in the mid/late 1800’s. Let’s go back to the roots and put some tap back into our Lindy Hop!

In this class we’ll provide you with moves and tap rhythms that you can put in your regular (partnered) Lindy Hop dancing. You’ll learn both leadable/followable moves and variations you can put in your own dancing.

No prior tap experience is required, though you should be comfortable with charleston, 6 & 8 count Lindy Hop, swing outs and adding (basic) variations to your swing outs.

Playing with the Shim Sham

When: August 15th, 20:00 – 22:00
Location: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam
Teacher: Sander
Level: Material for different levels will be offered.
Class fee: €15 (in cash)

Known throughout the world, the Shim Sham choreography is the number one solo dance for any lindy hopper to know. It’s the simplest of the big three classic choreographies and, maybe because of that, it is easy to change into your personal variation.

In this class we’ll first go through the standard Shim Sham, useful if you haven’t learned it yet, and explore the different stylings you can do instead of the default moves. In the second part you’ll learn the St Louis Shim Sham, which is a really fun choreography that uses some of the same building blocks but then applied to a different song.

Everybody with some dancing experience is welcome, even if you haven’t learned the shim sham yet. If do already know it but would like to spice it up then you are also more than welcome.

At the end you’ll hopefully have gained inspiration and source material to not only join the next Shim Sham but also make it your own. I absolutely loved it when I started doing it, so come join the class!

Not one but two (!) summer classes this wednesday :)

Swingstreet will offer not one but two summer classes on Wednesday August 8th!

Both classes take place in Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam from 20:00 – 22:00.

You don’t have to register for the class, just show up and join the fun.

1: Absolute beginner class – Lindy Hop

Always wanted to try out Lindy Hop? This is your chance!
In this class you will learn the basics of Lindy Hop 🙂 It would be great if you can bring a partner so we have a nice balance in leaders and followers.

Teachers: Dolinde & Misha
Level: This class is meant for those who are absolutely new to Lindy Hop and are about to learn their first steps.
Class fee: €15 (in cash)

2: Lindy Styling for beginners

In classes we focus a lot on learning moves, which are important building blocks for your dancing. However each song is different and so is everyone’s interpretation. Styling is a way of spicing up the moves you know into a broad range of expressions. Styling can also help you express originality in your dancing as well as connect with the music and your partner.

This is a beginner’s styling class, so if you’ve had at least one block of Lindy Hop classes, you are more than welcome! We’ll start with alternatives for rock steps and go from there. You will learn a ton, have loads of fun and need no permission from your mom. So join us!

Teachers: Kelly & Sander
Level: You have danced for more than two months
Class fee: €15 (in cash)

Swingstreet Summer Class: Tandem Mania 3.0

You’ve read it right. It’s time for the 3rd edition of Tandem Mania. Remember that fun class from last summer or the one the summer before that / the very start of Praya teaching together?

In this class we will teach you new Tandem Charleston variations. We hope there are still variations left 😉 We can’t wait!

It would be great if you can bring a partner so we have a nice balance in leaders and followers.

When: Wednesday August 1st – 20:00-22:00
Where: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam
Teachers: Yara & Praveen
Level: You should be comfortable with the connection in the Tandem Charleston, know at least one basic entry- and exit.
Class fee: €15 (in cash)

Swingstreet Summer Class: Accents & musicality

Have you ever looked at lindy hoppers and wondered how they get those ‘cool accents’ in their dancing, to follow the music? Well, it’s by practicing it! We all favour a certain ‘action’ when we make accents. What happens when you challenge yourself to new things? Can you follow? Can you adapt? Can you use it in social dancing?

We will listen to songs, and commit to certain musicality moments, then interpret with our bodies (accents, steps, stomps, arms, upper/lower body) to connect what we hear, with what we show.

We will do things solo as well as in lead/follow.
Your brain will be trying to ‘make it work’, so be ready to control your body.

It would be great if you can bring a partner so we have a nice balance in leaders and followers.

When: Wednesday July 18th – 20:00-22:00
Where: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam
Teachers: Valery & Gary
Level: Basic social dancing skills (and up)
Class fee: €15 (in cash)