Jazz it up with Yara

There’s another edition of Yara’s Solo jazz/Charleston workshop for fanatics! 🙂 its coming up real soon, this evening (Saturday, april 17) at 19:00 so clear your planners and come and join us!

Theme: Soft shoe tap / rhythms + a fun routine
Level: The class is open for all levels but it’s prepped and taught for ‘fanatics’. This basically means that it’s going to be tough. Anyone who likes the challenge is welcome.
Location: CREA, Studio 4.02
Cost: ₮10,- (cash only, pay on the spot)

Notes: Pease don’t wear outside shoes or shoes with a white sole as they leave marks on the black dance floor 🙂

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/253031265237761/

If you happen to miss this edition, don’t worry, the goal is to find space/time for this every 2-3 months depending on how much is happening in the Lindy world. Join our Swingstreet Facebook Group to keep updates on all our events, so you’re sure not to miss the next one.

Fast Feet Weekend

We have our very own Fast Feet weekend coming up soon! Because of the success of Swingheaven last year and because we want to promote fast dancing in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, we’re organising a workshop offering classes from international teachers on Balboa, Shag and Solo Jazz!

The workshop will take place on the kingsday weekend: 28 and 29 april with classes at Kemna studios (swingstreet west) and there will be a big party on saturday with Hommage band (plus a swingbike on friday and a tea dance on sunday).

We’ll offer beginner-intermediate and intermediate-advanced classes and you can mix and match!

For more info on how the workshop works, costs, registration and schedule, check our page:

FastFeet Weekend 2018

Weekly drop-in theme classes – 14 march

Many of us at Swingstreet have been doing Charleston these weeks, but do you know it’s roots? Join us at our next drop-in taster where we explore the 20s Charleston moves and mix it in with our Lindy. So bring your feather outfits or top hats and join us for the underground dance of the roaring 20s.

Price: 7,50 at the door
Time: 21:30
Level: C and above

Weekly drop-in theme classes – 7 march

Back after a little holiday break! this weeks theme is sure to make your head spin 😉

What makes the world go round? Rotations! Yet leading and following rotations can still be tricky, especially at higher speeds, unusual places or in different rhythms. In the next drop-in theme class we will work on our rotation fundamentals and explore moves in which different rotation techniques are used. We’ll have things for both leads and follows and lots of fun to go around. Be there or be square! And squares don’t rotate.

Price: 7,50 at the door
Time: 21:30
Level: C and higher

Weekly drop-in theme classes – 21 february

We’re back with the regular level C and up theme classes! This week’s theme is:

Inside turn mania

We all know the inside turn in the change places, but we can do inside turns in many more situations. It makes your regular moves a bit more playful and also helps working on your connection fundamentals. In this drop-in class we’ll work on different inside turns that all require a slightly different technique.

Costs: 7,50 at the door
Time: 21:30
Level: C and above (> 6 months)

P.S. The week after there are no classes, but on Wednesday the 7th we’ll continue with a drop-in class on Rotations!